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The Modbus TCP Devices page is where you set up the list of Modbus TCP servers (slaves) that this IoTServer will read and/or write while acting as a Modbus TCP client (master). The full set of parameters required for each device is set up once here, and then referenced by device number in any number of read or write maps.

Modbus TCP client device edit 1.jpg

Number – Device number that will be reference in read and write maps.

RemoteIP – The IP address in “a.b.c.d” form that the TCP client will attempt to connect to for read and write maps referencing this device number.

Port – The port number that should be opened at the remote IP address given. Port number will default to 502 if not given or set to zero.

Unit – An optional unit number that will be used when connecting to this remote TCP device. If none is given or is set to zero, then unit 1 will be used.

PollTime – The default poll time that will be used if none is given explicitly in individual read and write maps.

Timeout – The amount of time that the client should wait before flagging the attempted read or write with a “no response” error.

Name – Arbitrary name for this device, used only as a reference in the web UI.