Resetting Defaults

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Reset to Factory Default

The definition of "resetting defaults" can have quite a few meanings in a device as complex as the IoTServer (Babel Buster 4). Completely resetting everything to factory defaults may require several steps. But resetting defaults sometimes only means "I lost my IP address, how do I get it back?"

Reset IP Address

A number of reset options, including resetting the IP address, are attached to the hidden reset button. These are discussed on the Hardware Details page. If you use the reset button to reset the IP address, the IPv4 address will become after reboot.

Reset Configuration

Task manager buttons force reconfig.jpg

You will find these two buttons at the bottom of the Task Configuration page. Force Reconfig means wipe out the databases, and reload everything from the XML files that are displayed for the various tasks within the task configuration page and task selections. After clearing out all of the existing databases, then click Reboot Device to force a reboot, at which time it will reload the databases from the XML files provided.

More detail about the use of the Force Reconfig button or hidden reset button to clear configuration is provided on the Reconfiguring the System page.