SNMP Agent MIB-Int32 Mapping

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Snmp agent mib int32 config page.jpg

Local objects are assigned to the Int32 MIB branch on this page. As the name implies, objects mapped to this branch will be accessed by SNMP Get/Set as 32-bit signed integer values. If the local object is not an integer, it will be converted to/from integer when the Get/Set is performed.

  • Click on the index number or pencil icon to jump to the index editing page for this index.
  • Click on the trash can icon to delete this index.

To add or insert a new index, enter an index number and click Add/Edit.

Snmp agent mib int32 edit.jpg

There are only two things to enter on the index edit page for integer: The object that should be mapped to this MIB index, and a scale factor. The only universally recognized method of sharing real data is scaled integer. Therefore, a scale factor is available for this purpose. If left set to zero, it will be interpreted as "no scale" and be mathematically treated as 1.0.