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Task Manager Interface

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The task manager is your first stop for telling the IoTServer what you want it to do. There are 32 slots that may be occupied by some function, typically a protocol engine or other application. This means you could hypothetically have up to 30 different protocols all talking to each other via the IoTServer, if we actually had that many protocols to pick from.

Select the task you want to configure from the drop-down list, or select an empty slot to assign to a new function. An empty slot is simply denoted "Data Channel N". When assigned to a function, that slot will take on the name of the function.

Different protocols, applications, or task types will have different requirements for configuring the task. The specific configuration parameters for each available task function are given at the links below. Regardless of task type, each task will have certain attributes in common as described here.

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Click the Refresh button to have the web UI query the actual task and obtain its present configuration parameters.

If you change any of the settings, click Save Settings to retain and register them. In some cases it may be necessary to stop the task first. In almost all cases, it is necessary to restart the task to cause the new settings to take effect.

The file selected from the drop-down list below will appear in the Configuration File box. If you want to configure the task from an XML file, select that file, and click the Load button. In the case of protocol engines, this will most often include loading all of its read/write maps, rules, etc.

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Configuring the Tasks

Task Manager Task

Data Engine Task

SNMP Agent Task

SNMP Client Task

SNMP Trap Receiver Task

Modbus RTU Master Task

Modbus RTU Slave Task

Modbus TCP Client Task

Modbus TCP Server Primary Task

Modbus TCP Server Secondary Task

Task List and Data Channels

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Port Options

Serial Ports

Task manager config serial port 2 options.jpg

Task manager config serial port 3 options.jpg

Ethernet Ports

Task manager config ethernet options.jpg

Reference Information

Task Manager XML Files