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User Settings

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Local users can be edited by choosing their name from the list found in System->Users, or they can edit themselves by clicking on "User Settings" in the top right corner of any web page.

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A password and username can be set on this page. Users will be assigned access permissions, or "roles," as well. A user that logs into the local web interface would be required to have "Web" permissions.

Modbus User Settings

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Every local user has the option of setting the display settings for Modbus registers. The user can select:

  • Address
  • Number
  • Modicon

Once a local user selects a format, all Modbus registers will be formatted as such throughout the web UI.

SNMP Settings

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Any user that will be accessing the IoTServer using SNMPv3 will require additional settings for authentication and privacy. Those are provided here. The definition of "user" can include other machines that wish to query the MIB in the IoTServer.

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Any device that will be sending SNMPv3 traps to this IoTServer will require its own user credentials. In addition to the authentication and privacy settings required for any SNMPv3 user, the trap receiver user must also include the Engine ID of the device that will be sending traps to this IoTServer. If all credentials including Engine ID do not match, then the received trap will be discarded.

Other Notes

Note: Users logging in via RADIUS will not have the opportunity to edit their profiles. In this case, they are defaulted to web only users with a default Modbus number display format. Passwords and usernames are controlled by the registered RADIUS server.