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If you are reading this, then you have already found the very first step in getting started. This Wiki is always available by clicking the Help icon in the top right corner of every page in the IoTServer's Web UI. The Help link is context sensitive, so it will take you to the Wiki page that applies to whatever page you are currently on in the IoTServer device.

Topics you will want to visit to get started include the following:

  • Making network and power connections is covered in the Hardware Details section.
  • The default IPv4 address on eth0 is (subnet mask and eth1 defaults to using DHCP for its IPv4 address. Changing the device's IP address is covered in the Network section.
  • Logging in for the first time is covered in the Logging In section. Be sure to make a note of the initial default password and/or change your password (and optionally other User Settings) the first time you log in as "admin". You may also want to create additional users. Refer to User List to add users.
  • You will want to begin configuring the IoTServer by creating some data objects. Without data objects, there are no internal resources for sharing data between other devices connected by the various supported protocols. Visit the Global Values section to get started on creating data objects.
  • You will configure whatever protocols you have selected by visiting their various respective pages.

If you will be configuring a rather long list of data points to be accessed via a certain protocol, we suggest you start by getting acquainted with just a few points. Then build your long list using a standard spread sheet program and save that as a CSV file which you may then import. There is a CSV file reference section for each supported protocol. Using a CSV file will be a time saver.

And if you get stuck, you an always open a support ticket at Control Solutions support normally responds within a couple of hours during business hours, and sometimes even on weekends.