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User List

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Local user credentials are stored on the device. Each local user will be listed in the "System->Users" page. On this page, existing users can be deleted and created. By clicking on a user, you can further edit the properties of the local user. Note that for SNMPv3, the term "user" may apply to another machine wishing to query the IoTServer or send traps to the IoTServer.

Add User

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Local users can be added on the User List page. To add a user, supply the required username and password. The user will be added to the user list upon completion.

IMPORTANT: Users can have different roles. After creating a new user, you must edit these roles (i.e. Access web interface) before the user can be utilized in the intended fashion. This can be done by clicking on the username.

Editing New and Existing Users

Once a user has been created, the user parameters can be edited by clicking on the username in the user list. Further instructions are provided for editing users on the User Settings page.

RADIUS Settings

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RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial in User System) is a commonly used method of maintaining large lists of users that change frequently. Our devices support utilizing RADIUS servers for authentication.

To enable RADIUS logins, go to System->Users and fill in the Radius Server, Shared secret, and Radius authorization type for your server. Once those have been created, users will be able to check "Login via RADIUS" on the login screen. They will then be authenticated by your own RADIUS server.

We support all major types of RADIUS servers including FreeRadius and Microsoft Server with Active Directory.

Radius Server Address or domain name of your RADIUS server
Shared secret This is the shared secret password established by your RADIUS server. This device will use the shared secret as a means of logging in to the server.
RADIUS Authorization Type

All major protocols for RADIUS authorization are supported, these include:

  • PAP
  • CHAP
  • MSCHAPv2