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IoTServer Introduction

Models Covered

This Wiki currently documents the Babel Buster BB4-8422 multi-protocol network gateway. The features it incorporates will become common to additional models in time.

Getting Started

Logging In

Web UI Common Elements

Help Links

Data Engine

The IoTServer is, at its core, protocol agnostic. Its internal data objects are generic in nature. These local objects may be represented in various ways that are specific to various protocols. But the content is universal and can be shared across all protocols supported by the IoTServer device. The "Data Engine" pages are where you view the present values of the objects, and specify the internal format for each object. Data objects may be natively integer, floating point, or character string. When accessed by various protocols, data type conversions are made automatically.

Data Objects

Protocol Status & Configuration

Protocol Status and Configuration pages are where you configure and diagnose the sharing of data between different devices having different network protocols. You may select which protocols are included in your application via the Task Manager configuration.


SNMP Overview

SNMP Agent

SNMP Client

SNMP Trap Receiver


Modbus Overview

Modbus RTU Master

Modbus RTU Slave

Modbus TCP Client

Modbus TCP Server


The System pages are where you configure and diagnose system level configuration. This is where you configure which protocols are going to be included in your application. This is where you select other optional applications if available. This is where you configure the network connection(s) and where you create user accounts.

Task Status

Task Configuration



User List

User Settings




Resetting Defaults

Hardware Details