Modbus RTU Server Remap Table

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This page is where you have the option of remapping the Modbus addresses or register numbers that some other Modbus client or master would see when polling this device. Start by reviewing the Slave Address Table page if you haven't already.

Modbus server remap table populated.jpg

  • Click register number or pencil icon to edit the remap entry.
  • Click the trash can icon to delete this remap entry.
  • Click the Add Maps button for the "add" version of the edit page.
  • Click the Apply button to reload the server's remap table as displayed.

Server Remapping Not Enabled

Note: If the server remapping option is not enabled for this server in its Task Configuration, then the remap table will be empty and the Add Maps and Apply buttons will be replaced with a message saying "Server Remapping Not Enabled".