Reconfiguring the System

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Forced Reconfigure - Hidden Reset Button

You have the option of unconfiguring the IoTServer using the brute force method available with the reset button. This is talked about in the Reset Button Handling section of Hardware Details.

If you use the reset button to force a reconfigure, the global.xml file will be overwritten with one that only provides for a Data Engine. The configuration file created for the data engine will be defaultobjects.xml and it will contain only one data object. This will be a very minimal configuration, even more minimal than the "minimal" configuration originally shipped.

Forced Reconfigure - "Force Reconfig" Button on Web Page

Task manager buttons force reconfig.jpg

You will find these two buttons at the bottom of the Task Configuration page. Force Reconfig means wipe out the databases, and reload everything from the XML files that are displayed for the various tasks within the task configuration page and task selections. After clearing out all of the existing databases, then click Reboot Device to force a reboot, at which time it will reload the databases from the XML files provided.

IMPORTANT: The Force Reconfig button clears the configuration database. But upon reboot, the task list will be rebuilt from global.xml, and all tasks defined in global.xml will be reconfigured from their respectively assigned XML files. If you want to truly clear out all configuration, follow the Managed Deconfigure process below.

IMPORTANT: Any time Force Reconfig is used, you MUST immediately reboot the device. Clicking Save Settings has only temporary results as no task manager database is recreated without a reboot.

NOTE: The Force Reconfig button cannot be used until all tasks are stopped. You can use the Stop Tasks button to do that. If you try to use the Force Reconfig button with tasks running, you will get the following error message:


Managed Deconfigure

The more graceful approach to completely unconfiguring the IoTServer so you can start over is outlined here. Start by clicking Stop Tasks to initiate a shutdown.

Managed Deconfigure 1.jpg

Once all tasks are shut down, you will be able to confirm this by seeing "Stopped" listed as status for all tasks known to the task manager.

Managed Deconfigure 2.jpg

Go through all tasks that are still defined, other than the task manager itself and the data engine, and set their function to "inactive". Refresh the page to update the task list. When all tasks have been unconfigured, the task list will look like this:

Managed Deconfigure 3.jpg

Now, with Task Manager selected, and global.xml shown as its configuration file name, click Save Config. Wait for the confirmation that settings have been saved.

Managed Deconfigure 4.jpg

Click the View button to view global.xml. Confirm that the only system app listed is the data engine "csiDataEngine". Managed Deconfigure 5.jpg

Click the Reboot Device button. You will see this "please wait" screen for a half a minute or so. When reboot is complete, you will be returned to the login page where you must now log in again. Managed Deconfigure 6.jpg

The Task Status page should now show only the data engine. Managed Deconfigure 7.jpg