SNMP Agent Trap Send Rules

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Snmp agent trap config page.jpg

The SNMP Agent has the ability to automatically send SNMP Traps (or Informs) when certain criteria is met regarding values found in local objects in the IoTServer. The list of SNMP Trap Send Rules currently defined is found on this page.

NOTE: Trap rules do not directly reference local objects. The local object that is to be the subject of a trap rule must first be assigned a spot in the MIB. The trap rule will then reference the branch and index where that object is assigned. This is required because the trap message must include an OID that identifies the data point, and this can only be done by assigning the object to a place in the MIB so that it now has an OID.

Snmp agent trap config line.jpg

  • Click on the rule number or pencil icon to jump to the rule editing page for this rule.
  • Click on the trash can icon to delete this rule.

Snmp agent trap rule add.jpg

To add or insert new rules, enter a number of rules to add, and select a starting point. Then click the Insert button.